A downloadable game


KineticRin - Environment 

Alfriede777 - Game design

Ahmaykmewsik - Audio

TakahTaper - Programming


ExtraCreditsGameJamExe.rar 17 MB


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Hard to say much. It looks quite pretty and I think I might get what I was supposed to do, but I wasn't sure how to do it. Can't really say much about the overall experience sadly because of that.

To anyone else who checks this out: A and D move you; If you press W when one of the other shapes is around you, it gives you four options on how to change what you look like that you can select with your mouse. Press W again to leave the menu. There is a golden piece. Something is going on with it. Each of the other pieces have text they say when you interact with them.

Thank you very much for your feedback. Admittedly, the game is incomplete. Sadly, even as the artist, I'm not entirely sure how the game is supposed to play out.

I loved the art but I had no idea what I was meant to do. Please make a tutorial!


Beautiful art, though I didn't fully get the gameplay loop, or the controls.  A small help guide in the game's page would be helpful!